The word ‘chaplain’ or any reference to ‘chaplaincy’ does not appear anywhere within Queensland Education law.

However, state school chaplaincy is inextricably intertwined with 1910 legislated Religious Instruction (RI) and Bible lessons. This includes all chaplaincy arrangements throughout Queensland funded by the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP). Since the 1980s, chaplaincy has been, and continues to be openly conducted as a fully-functional evangelical Christian ministry.

Procrastination by the State

The 1989 Education Act provided the legal basis for the appointment of Chaplains in Queensland state schools. In this Act, school chaplaincy was permitted as an approved religious activity that takes place in a state school. The Education (General Provisions) Act, 1989, section 30, and its accompanying regulations (Part IV), made provisions for RE [sic] in terms of “right of entry” instruction by denominational representatives, selected Bible lessons by class teachers in primary and special schools, and alternative instruction for  students withdrawn from these activities. These provisions were, in essence, the same as in the State Education Acts (Amendment Act) of 1910. The Department of Education Manual outlined policy and procedures for the implementation of the 1989 provisions as well as “other activities related to religion that may take place in state schools”. These other activities included school chaplaincy.

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